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Nov 18, 2021

Training list sorting

Training list has been updated to make sorting an filtering easier.

  • Filter training programs by: subjects, employee lists, start date or end date
  • Sort training by last updated, start date or end date
  • Training status — Easily see and filter by status: active, completed or in draft mode
  • Easily see which subjects are in a training program
Nov 11, 2021

Microsoft Teams app release

Microsoft Teams app has been released and is now available as an integration. Teams app gives a company the ability to send direct messages to employees using Microsoft Teams.

  • Integration page for MS Teams added in settings
  • Ability to receive training and assessment for all trainings
  • Five options to interact with app
    • ‘hi’ returns a welcome message and a summary of all trainings and reminders assigned and shows language choose. This is also shown on app installation
    • ‘help’ Show what options user has to interact with the app
    • ‘language’ Show a language chooser
    • ‘training/list’ Lists all training a user has been assigned
    • ‘reminder/list’ Lists all reminder a user has been assigned or created.

To learn more, read our Help Center article.

Nov 4, 2021

Bug fixes

  • Duplicating training was not working
  • Admin was not able to delete a training program
  • Editing user list of an ongoing training program could result in an error
  • Saving an older assessment resulted in an error
  • Editing a training did not work as expected
  • Closing an assessment could result in an error
  • Interacting with an assessment question could send a user to a previous block
  • Some Scorm modules used old history for a user
  • Duplicating assessment could result in an error
Nov 4, 2021

Training wizard improvements

  • Save drafts
  • Intro message moved to a separate screen
  • User list preview — If you are not sure what users are in a list you are sending to, you can now preview the list of employees without exiting the wizard.
  • Rename while creating training — You can now change the name of training from the header at any time
  • Schedule training screen better designed
  • Summary screen displayed before sending a training
  • Confirmation window when closing an unsaved training

To learn more, read our Help Center article.

Oct 13, 2021

October updates

  • Renew history — Changing how users finish training. Connecting subjects only to specific training. Before if a user finished training it would be updated on all training programs
  • Analytics updates — Add tracking to valuable events we want to track and give users better feedback on progress.
  • Updated dashboard with new analytics events
  • Slack / Teams message localisation (change languages and finding support)
  • Human risk assessment in private beta
  • New question types in Human risk assessment
Oct 6, 2021

Bug fixes

  • Scoring on mobile presentation fixed
  • Scorm viewer fixed on LMS

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